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Salman Khan is Woman Beater – Sapna Bhavnani


Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani made allegations on  Bigg Boss 6 host Salman Khan by calling him a ‘serial woman-beater’ . That part of the show was not aired on Live as makers decided to edit that part .

In Response to Bhavnani’s Allegations , Salman Said  “If you are not here to play the game, are you on a picnic at a resort?”

But Sapna is surely not the one to accept digs lying down. “Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati karte rahe. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bullshit sunti rahoongi har Friday,” Mumbai Mirror quoted the hairdresser as saying.



“Sapna dared Salman to kick her out of the show, saying she was not someone the star could bully into submission. And to drive home her point, she called him a ‘serial woman-beater’ before letting off a volley of cuss words,” reported the tabloid.

She also took pot shots at Salman, the painter. “If I win the show, I shall buy his painting and gift it to him,” the tabloid quoted her as saying.

Sapna Bhavnani’s clientele includes Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, John Abraham, MS Dhoni. In the introductory episode, she had teased Salman asking if he knew Katrina Kaif.


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  1. proud of sapna gud job…….realy women power rocks

  2. By wtchng a career f sapna…my heart says to laugh…bcoz she dont know wht n whum she’s talking abt? she’s spoiling her own career…..she must b knowing..every A-list actress needs salman 2 get hit in industry…bcoz widout his blessings nobdy cant get peak in industry…when he’s in industry nobdy dares 2 move….every directer, producer..needs him in dere film…so sapna b careful..whtevr u r speaking..think abt tht…4 me he’s blankable star…but i’m huge fan also…so its better b quite…

  3. saali kutti sapna, salman is a good guy samjhi saali….saali rand****!!!

  4. Salman Khan is a Supper star. So it’s doesn’t matter to us or him that what does she think about Salman Khan. so leave it and keep loving your rockstar as his family………..!!

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