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Mallika Sherawat to do Bold Kissing Scenes With Om Puri

Mallika Hot

Mallika Sherawat who is shooting for her new film on Bhanwari devi in Indore seems to have many difficulties during the Shoot . Earlier she came to Indore with Burkha and now the actress is uncomfortable doing Bold Scenes . Source Reveled “ In the movie there is some hot scenes of Om Puri and Mallika Sherawat”.

When We Contact To Her she said “The film has intimate scenes. It will be awkward for me, considering Om Puri is such a senior actor. I am hoping not many people are present on set while these bold scenes are being shot.” Adding to her dilemma is the fact that her mother is accompanying her to the shooting. “My mother is here with me. She will be around for 4-5 days and I’m hoping she leaves before these scenes begin. I won’t be comfortable doing them in front of her for sure.”

Best of Luck For Bhanwari Devi !


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