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If Script Demands I will do Kissing Scenes – Alia Bhatt


The newcomer and daughter of Mahesh Bhatt said that she don’t like to kiss at all.

She further added.”I don’t consider kissing a taboo. I won’t do it (expose) for the heck of it. If the script demands and it is justified.. will do it. Like in ‘Student of The Year’ I have worn a bikini. I was very comfortable doing that because it was required and it isn’t that I haven’t worn bikini in real life,”

She follows Bhatt camp films and there are a few she likes while others she does not. “I love their (Vishesh Films’) films. But that doesn’t mean I love all their films. There are films that I don’t like and I tell them about it too but there are films that I love as well,” she said.

Alia also said that she feels it was safe for her to debut with a family entertainer like ‘SOTY’.

We Wish Alia Super Success in Upcomming Movies of Her !! Wink


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