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I am Unaware of Talaash being Offered to Shahrukh Khan – Aamir Khan.


After the Launch of Aamir Khan’s Next Upcoming Talaash Trailer , It got appreciation from fans as well as Industry. Questions came up when Shahrukh Khan Said that the Movie was First Offered to Him but he Rejected as he wasn’t convinced about working in a suspense thriller. Aamir Khan to Shahrukh Khan’s Statement says I am completely Unaware of What Shahrukh Said and about this Story .

“I didn’t know about it. Even for my other films, I’ve no idea who they are offered to first before they come to me,” says the superstar with a laugh. “But the next time someone offers me a film; I will include this question (among other queries).”

When Reema is asked about it, she rubbishes the news and calls it a non-issue. “I would rather not talk about things that didn’t work out. What’s important and why we all are here is for things that did work out. Such things happen all the time in films. Aamir said that he can’t imagine anyone else in the roles played by Kareena and Rani. Likewise, I feel the same about my three principle cast members,” says the director.

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