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Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan



King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan turns 47 .  After Starting his career from a Tv Serial , It took no time for Shahrukh Khan to achieve the Tag of Badshah Khan of Bollywood.


Team Unitezz wishes Shahrukh Khan a happy Birthday and Lots of Success for his Upcoming Movies.

Leave Your  Birthday Wishes for Shahrukh Khan in Comments Below.


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  1. Dear Sharukh Khan,
    Many many many happy birthday wishes to u, SHARUKH KHAN. May god bless u with more success in the Bollywood Industry…..

    Lots of love,
    Sai Teja!

  2. khiti prakash rout

    happy barth day shahruk khan

  3. Hope you have the greatest Birthday EvEr.”Happy Birth Day”wish u a day brings the best in life for u,may life lead u 2 great happiness and success.Have a lovely Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday dear Shah Rukh :) No body else can be the King Khan :) God Bless u

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